In its segment, Sinora is a market leader. The numerous certifications and awards received in recent years have consolidated its standing.

Sinora, which has always been a partner company of excellence in the field of professional radio communications for local administrations, also becomes a point of reference for the following:
  • Municipalities, Regions, Ministries;
  • Healthcare and Emergency Services;
  • Armed Forces and Local Police;
  • Civil Protection and Voluntary Associations;
  • Multi Utilities;
  • Private Security Services;
  • Manufacturing and Mining Industries, Petrochemicals and Refineries;
  • Motorways, Ports and Airports;
  • Hospitality;
  • Public and Private Education.

Sinora boasts countless “old” and “new” generation successful examples within these markets.
Multi-function operations centers, radio systems and surveillance systems have always been the core business of Sinora.

Below are a few outstanding non-standard supplies by Sinora, which are oriented towards more innovative technological horizons and prove the company’s ability to adapt its knowhow with a view to offering immediate solutions in any market context:

Radio and remote control systems for refineries, oil pipelines and chemical treatments in Italy and abroad for groups such as ENEL, ENI, AGIP, ESSO, SHELL and API;

Supplies of systems for MotoGP and Car racing teams;

Systems for the security of the G8 meeting – La Maddalena to L’Aquila, for the Republic of San Marino and for Vatican City, as well as support solutions for the construction of a communication system by the European Space Agency at its launch facility in French Guiana;

Systems for guaranteeing Wi-Fi coverage and simultaneous connectivity to all visitors of the Swimming World Masters Championships 2012 Riccione;

Remote control and data transfer systems for Multiutilities;

RFID system for the verification, control and monitoring of guides authorized to engage in the profession, for Provincial Police of Rome.

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covers radio, lte, wifi, gsm in buildings and tunnels
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Schools, Universities, Campuses, Training
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National and Local Civil Protection, Civil Protection Associations, volunteers and non-profit,  fire department, red cross
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Events, concerts, sports, hotels, conferences, security
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Municipalities, Unions, Communities, Provinces, Regions, Ministries, Prisons, Defense
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Terminal Containers, railway networks, ports, airports, bus lines, trucking lines, parking
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Manufacturing, Petrochemical, Refineries, Mining, Oil Pipelines, Gas Pipelines, Shipbuilding
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GDO, retail
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118, Red Cross, Private Crosses, Hospitals, Social Centres