Our orders related to the Public Administration consist of town video surveillance systems, video analysis and access control design and setup. The engineering departments rely on our experience for the implementation of radio communication systems and wireless infrastructure for overcoming the digital divide rather than to realize radio link networks to transport data collected from video surveillance systems.
Private security since 1974
born in 1974 and the first in Romagna
The first Romagna surveillance institution, established in 1974.  The company has highly specialized expertise and a large number of vehicles throughout the area.

Processing data and coordinating actions in a short time has a fundamental importance for a surveillance structure; that's for the purpose of efficient prompt intervention over a territory so vast and complex as Romagna Region. For this reason, the customer has used the expertise of Sinora for the design and the installation of two operative centers located in Cesena and Rimini and a radio communication system, that would allow to a quick management and precise control of vehicles and personnel operating on the territory of Romagna.

A VoIP technology system integrated to the radio network allows to implement all the necessary functionality for a cutting-edge surveillance network and an efficient real-time monitoring of the entire territory. The adopted system allows in particular to fully comply with the increasingly stringent technological and structural requirements that the law imposes, through Decree 269/2010, to the surveillance institution's operative centers, also with regard to the secure storaging of recorded conversations.
Union of municipalities: Liguria
federated operations center and videosurveillance
The Municipal Police Force of the Ligurian Union of Municipalities expressed the need for a unique radio network to communicate with the resources deployed on the territory of three different municipalities. Each individual Municipal Police Force has its own Operation Center and they need to manage radio communications and interventions related to their municipality; moreover they want to be able to communicate with other Operation Centers and manage radio resources provided by all three municipalities.
This necessity represents a problem of interconnection of three different Operation Centers and related radio repeaters. The Leader Municipal Police already has a single-site DMR Motorola system with DR3000 repeater.
Union of Municipalities: Liguria 2.0
federated operations center and video surveillance system in the Union
The territory of the union was formerly controlled by a video surveillance system which has not had a homogeneous development over the years and has not always succeeded in meeting the need of safeguarding urban security and decorum in an effective way.
This system consisted of several image shooting and storing devices, inadequate signal transport networks and monitored aids not connected to the network. This set of technologies and equipment did not provide adequate performance for new needs such as the recognition of images and license plates, for the search in the log file and for the storage of recorded data in compliance with the privacy law.