Maintenance of systems  

On the systems offered by Sinora of radio systems, public and private video surveillance systems, tele-alarm systems, wireless coverage etc. ordinary maintenance and extensive maintenance is managed following warranty interventions rather than those tied to maintenance contracts.  

The system which is not made by Sinora and that requires maintenance will undergo a preliminary inspection of the condition.

In both situations, Sinora offers interventions on call/demand or contractually. In both there is a direct number to call and is available 24/7.

Product maintenance  

Used batteries, electronic malfunctions, lack of signal, repairs related to the device itself, such as handles, keys, lenses, etc, or interventions for substitution are the types of intervention on products which may be possible.

The proposal is managed according to the needs or characteristics of the products. These are some types:
  • Swap Repair (substitution with renewed device) ,
  • Tele assistance,
  • On Site Assistance,
  • On Center assistance ,
  • Pick & Repair (pick up and repair),
  • Extension of guarantee.


Technological innovation and the related legislation make the scrapping and collection of used products compulsory. For Sinora’ clients we apply a discount on scrapping or collection of used products based on technological exchange. The recycling of technology can be in part sponsored to help the evolution of the system.