In the italian public electronic market (CONSIP or MEPA), we have products dedicated to education institutes. Our proposed solutions support customers to manage campus and school buildings security through radio or video surveillance systems. Regarding indoor environments, we design and setup wifi or MESH networks and video surveillance systems integrated with access control.
State Institute of Upper Secondary Education
WiFi Distribution and digital school
The National Higher Secondary Education Institute, analyzed in this case, wants to install a WiFi 802.11n network in order to ensure wireless connectivity to the teaching staff and students in the whole school compound; it consists of three multilevel buildings plus a gym.
The WiFi network shall be separated from the Wired LAN Network and it have to ensure connectivity and navigation both on the internet and on school intranet to about 1000 users including students, teachers and administrative staff.

Moreover, teachers will use the WiFi network to fill in the electronic register available on their tablets.