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Technology And Interoperability For Emergency Management

Sinora Srl takes the field at the 2023 edition of REAS with the latest mission- and business-critical technology at the service of industry operators


The 22nd International Emergency Exhibition is just around the corner. A regular appointment for Sinora Srl at the Montichiari Exhibition Centre in the province of Brescia to show organisations voluntary associations professionals and the various bodies involved in emergency and first aid all th...

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Guidelines for the sanitization of Motorola Solutions devices

Recommendations for two-way radios, bodycams and accessories


Staying at home is the best solution but for those who cannot do so and are involved in emergency activities the following is a good way to sanitize your devices. Sinora summarizes the guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing devices suggested by Motorola Solutions. Click on this link to get the ...

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Greater safety for frontline workers

Edesix, scalable bodycams by Motorola Solutions Company


When working in contact with the public one must be aware of the possible safety risks generated by dangerous and uncomfortable situations. Asserting one’s correct behavior may be hard when we are subjected to verbal physical violence or fierce protests. For this reason Motorola Solutions...

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Motorola TLK100 two–way radio for Wave LTE network

European coverage with SIM Motorola Solutions


Voice and data communication throughout Europe with the same system and terminals. The TLK100 device configured in a Wave system allows the work team to move around the area while remaining in contact. The device is equipped with a virtual SIM enabled for roaming through the main European phone o...

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Sinora Srl comes to life

Eurocom Telecomunicazioni & Saitel Telecomunicazioni


The time has finally come for us to reveal the ambitious project that we have “nurtured” for months.   A new reality comes to life SINORA Srl.   Two companies that have long been complementary players in the sector of professional radio communications and vi...

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SNR – Let’s remove background noise from the signal

Kick-off Internal meeting - 31 May 2019


May 31 2019 - SNR becomes Sinora   ...