Logistics & Distribution defines an ecosystem in which Sinora asserts its presence with products and dedicated solutions dedicated to: warehouses, container terminals, fleet of vehicles management, shipping control, cyber security, personnel safety. We have modern and innovative references for solutions involving dedicated software such as indoor location and digital radio terminals, encrypted and multi-function to guarantee secure telecommunications; control and tracking of parcels by professional PDA for an efficient warehouse management; realization of wireless infrastructure in critical environments. Moreover, we have several on board solutions: we develop and install on the customer's vehicles devices like cameras and on-board computer for remote control, professional GPS navigators integrated with dedicated applications for radio management rather than a planned or preferential routes map.
Special waste collection
management and reference logistics
In this case, the customer is a well-known services company that operates in the transport and disposal of office waste, toner recovery and hi-tech waste management; it offers to its customers a complete service throughout Italy.

The company provides for the handling of all paperwork required by the regulations in force concerning waste disposal. The regulations specifically require the use of different paper forms, depending on the type of waste, in which, at the time of taking charge of waste from the customer, several characteristics (such as weight and the presumed number of items) must be shortlisted. To complete the unloading procedure at the waste disposal facility, it is necessary to fill in another form with different indications, including the actual weight of the discharged waste.

Then, these paper documents must be submitted to the management center, causing delays and chaos in waste document management.
National Airport
TETRA System
One of the major airport in Italy per number of international destinations served, able to handle more than 10 million people in the catchment area, a runway with up to 5000 nautical miles range suitable for flights and a high level technological systems to support security and environmental protection. The Airport intends to provide an indoor and outdoor private mobile network coverage, useful for management, security and monitoring of the airport area using portable, vehicular and fixed terminals able to transmit voice and data.
Currently, the Airport staff is equipped with a multi-platform access analog system used for both voice and messaging. The new TETRA system shall integrate with the previous one maintaining all its functions as well as adding new ones, related to evolved digital technology.