Greater safety for frontline workers

Greater safety for frontline workers

Edesix, scalable bodycams by Motorola Solutions Company

When working in contact with the public, one must be aware of the possible safety risks generated by dangerous and uncomfortable situations. Asserting one’s correct behavior may be hard when we are subjected to verbal, physical violence, or fierce protests.
For this reason, Motorola Solutions provides as solution capable of respecting workers by making their work safe and ensuring reliability and safety. The EDESIX scalable bodycams are designed for the safety of frontline workers.
The devices are recommended for: traffic wardens, paramedics, security staff and police officers.

The solution proposed by Motorola Solutions and its partners consists of:
  • VideoBadge VB-300, robust and light video camera, Wi-Fi, HD video and easy to use. VideoBadge VB-320, with recording start button, audio and video encryption for greater security, front LED, 130° wide angle and audio acquisition without background noise.
  • VideoTag VT-50, wearable video cam for capturing evidence and streaming videos. Coming in a small format, VT-50 is designed for the description of accidents. Consumption performance allows battery duration of 6 months on stand-by. Recording is in FULL HD quality, uploading movies on cloud via Wi-Fi (if available) or cable, compatible with video management systems (VSM).
  • VideoManager, software for the management of movies directly from the web. Scalable, encrypted and integrated with most video management systems via API. The system allows movies to be managed through a complete report on the changes, views and shares of each part of recordings, search recordings through filters, manage their use based on the RFID assignment for getting to know who is in possession of the video cameras and when.
  • Accessories to store videos safely, dock with 14-slot charge for charging and uploading movies on cloud directly on VideoManager, DockController DC-200 for connection to VideoManager up to 84 VideoBadges on just one LAN port, supports and Klick Fast docking systems.

The result? Fewer accidents, greater safety and quality for highly professional work performance.

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