Terminal, system hire  

Emergency situations or simultaneous events often make it necessary to use hired terminals or stations. Sinora makes it possible to use equipment in compliance with legal standards in one off situations such as for the organization of events or management of trade fairs, or even the use of a radio repeater tower or coverage of a radio system.

Following specific guarantees we can apply “Technological hire”, a type of long-term hire that lightens the financial load, in time, of the client.

Leasing of towers and stations      

With more than 50 stations located locally and nationally we are able to make locations for equipment and poles for antennas available to clients that do not have a coverage/repeater point for their network.

Hire of test terminals (TestSET) and support for Public Testing Organizations

The experience and electronic instruments for testing that Sinora has available allow for an advanced analysis of radio networks.

The TestSet from our technical department  can test the radio equipment and radio base station of any technology. This means that Sinora can provide technical support and equipment to test radio and TETRA, Analog and  WLAN systems.

These tools allow us to carry out a high standard of maintenance to optimize and guarantee the maximum working capacity of the systems: 
  • TETRA Radio Base stations,
  • TETRA Radio receiver transmitters,
  • Radio and Analogue systems ,
  • Wireless Network.
This service is recommended for the maintenance of systems, for the testing of transmitter and receiver equipment and to allow Public Surveillance Organizations, such as the Postal Police or ARPA (regional agency for environmental protection), to check the compliance with legal standards of existing radio systems.