Sinora starts its business in the sector of telecommunications in 1982. CB, amateur radio operators and local professionals are the target customers. After thirty years specializing in the evolution of communication systems, from ETACS to 4G in the consumer segment, from analog radios to digital ones in the professional segment, and from Wireless to IperLan in the business segment, Sinora expands its expertise and the services connected to it.
Community directives, national and corporate regulations are references that drive companies to "dot the i’s” of every service or product offered.

Today, designing a video surveillance system requires drawing up a privacy regulation; installing a megapixel camera implies keeping its focal length clean; when creating a highly performing operations center, the state of the radio terminals has to be checked; when providing a customer with a rental system, it is necessary to manage a temporary frequency procedure with the competent ministry, in order to avoid having the radio link offline on any day of the year.
To use the language of the third millennium, the “tags” of these activities are: H24 7x7, Swap Repair, Remote Assistance, On-Site Assistance, Pick & Repair.