Large Retails, Tourist Industry and Events Organzation are important economic realities and Sinora an answer to their needs for security and internal communications. Directly or with our partners we completly support our customers with high quality solutions concerning internet distribution during important events or inside touristic hubs with efficient wireless nerworks, staff members identification, video analysis for access gates in exhibitions or stadiums. We install radio networks inside shopping centers to improve security; we also design geofencing networks, which permit indoor/outdoor staff localization and no-go areas control.
Harvesting and distribution of raw materials
Invest in research & development and security
mandownThe following case study refers to an internationally renowned Italian company, mainly dealing with packaging of fruits and vegetables. Its business idea is to add value to the raw material by investing in research and development both regarding the product safety and the staff. This philosophy propels the company to offer packaged natural products that maintain the same features as if they were just picked from the fields, precisely preserving the taste and the freshness as long as possible.
Social responsibility and sustainability lead the company’s investments towards both customers and its employees. The Italian group, which produces everything in Italy, was engaged in managing critical situations involving the staff during ordinary activities of packaging and processing of the products. The production chain branches into harvesting and storage of raw materials in cold rooms on the one hand, and packaging and distribution of the final product on the other hand.
The company has entrusted Sinora with the development of employees’ security solutions; especially for those operators who work alone; a major case that identifies a factoring solution reproducible and adaptable in numerous situations.