Sinora signs every solution that helps rescuers during emergency events. The Modern communication systems and radio devices are compatible and perfectly developed for customers that need specific customizations. 118, Italian Red Cross and the Public Emergency segment rely on Sinora and Motorola Solutions to manage and maintein their radio communication systems, as well as to fleet of vehicles management, like ambulances and patrols.
management and coordination
The 118 system is a service used by citizens for medical emergency. It consists of highly skilled staff which operates on the Italian territory to save human lives.
For this reason coordination, direction and monitoring of personnel and of radio communications are fundamental.
In response to specific requests received from several 118 Operative Centers in Italy, Sinora developed a Generic Option Board (GOB) to meet special needs.
The additional features integrated on the GOB permit an improved handling of responses and of resources; these speial features were released by the Sinora R&D division after rigorous field testing, supported by 118 staff.