A practical example... management and reference logistics
In this case, the customer is a well-known services company that operates in the transport and disposal of office waste, toner recovery and hi-tech waste management; it offers to its customers a complete service throughout Italy.

The company provides for the handling of all paperwork required by the regulations in force concerning waste disposal. The regulations specifically require the use of different paper forms, depending on the type of waste, in which, at the time of taking charge of waste from the customer, several characteristics (such as weight and the presumed number of items) must be shortlisted. To complete the unloading procedure at the waste disposal facility, it is necessary to fill in another form with different indications, including the actual weight of the discharged waste.

Then, these paper documents must be submitted to the management center, causing delays and chaos in waste document management.
Sinora has proposed a document management system in digital form, to be attached to the paperwork required by law, in order to streamline the process and make it more efficient.

The solution is based on the Motorola ET1 tablet and a professional software application specifically developed for the customer, in order to optimize wastes document management. The ET1 tablet's features offer safety, flexibility, strength, durability, an elegant design and ease of use (typical of consumer-grade tablets), but with the reliability needed to ensure daily and constant use of the device required by business users.

The software application allows the society's operations center to acquire real-time data concerning the waste taking over and the related discharge. In fact, thanks to the 1D and 2D barcode reader integrated into the tablet, user can scan the indentification code on the paper form, related to the charge or discharge of wastes. The digital form with the Customer data and type of waste shall be visible on the tablet. The operator can digitally fill in the interested fields; after that the document will be sent to the data center in real time through a 3G connection.
Sinora has provided an ET1 tablet for each waste transport vehicle, including support accessories and vehicular battery chargers. 
The solution proposed by Sinora optimizes the waste loading and unloading process from the organizational point of view and also in terms of documentation. In fact, the daily planning of the various loads is handled by the operating center and automatically synchronized on tablets. The operator, at the start of his shift, is provided with a map of the loads to be made on his tablet, with an optimized path supplied by the integrated GPS navigator.
Unloading cycle management at the collection points is managed similarly. The paper form regarding the unloading is digitalized through a high-resolution photo scanning performed with the ET1; it will be sent in real time to the data center, in order to make fast and optimized the bureaucratic management of the waste.

The software allows the operator to manage and communicate to the operative center the programmed status (arrived at destination, performed exchange of wastes, refused because absent and others). Moreover in case of emergency or for safety reasons, vehicles can be located and tracked down on the operative center map. Thanks to the solution designed by Sinora, the Customer has streamlined the operational process of waste management, making the service faster and accurate, and optimizing the associated documentation process.