A practical example... WiFi Distribution and digital school
The National Higher Secondary Education Institute, analyzed in this case, wants to install a WiFi 802.11n network in order to ensure wireless connectivity to the teaching staff and students in the whole school compound; it consists of three multilevel buildings plus a gym.
The WiFi network shall be separated from the Wired LAN Network and it have to ensure connectivity and navigation both on the internet and on school intranet to about 1000 users including students, teachers and administrative staff.

Moreover, teachers will use the WiFi network to fill in the electronic register available on their tablets.
The solution that Sinora designed and installed at the Institute is based on professional class Wing5 Motorola wireless technology.
As a result of indoor simulations of radio coverage inside the school and field measurements, technicians determined the exact number and the correct Access Points (AP) configuration to guarantee a stable coverage throughout the school compound. Sinora has provided 35 Motorola AP622 Access Points, a Motorola NX4524 network controller and all the stuff needed for the proper installation and certification of the wiring network that will support the WiFi network; in particular, network switches, floor control cabinets and Ethernet network cable were supplied.
Sinora has also installed a Fujitsu RX300 S7 server with a web filtering service installed inside, avoiding the access to websites that are malicious/dangerous or morally harmful to users.
The solution proposed by Sinora allows to use the WiFi network after authentication through a RADIUS AAA server present on the Motorola NX4524 controller. The system guarantees the navigation to about 1200 users and to 127 users per single AP.
Wing5 solution allows an efficient and coherent management of radio resources through the installed APs thanks to smart RF and load balancing features; these are the ability to dynamically detect weak signals and transfer mobile users safely to alternate APs, as well as to automatically increase signal power to fill the radio coverage gaps and ensure uninterrupted access to the network to mobile users.
The network is secure thanks to the integrated WPA2-CCMP (AES) encryption and L2-L7 stateful firewall: these functions are necessary for IDS / IPS namely prevention and reporting of unauthorized access to the network. Moreover, they block the unauthorized MACs and identify any anomaly in their addresses. Customer is fully satisfied with the performance of the installed WiFi network.