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IP Site Connect

MOTOTRBO™ IP Site Connect is a multi-site system aimed at extending radio coverage.
IP Site Connect configuration can extend the geographical coverage of the radio network of each operator. A real IP optical fibre, LAN, wireless LAN or wireless bridge interconnection can make radio communication between two or more geographically distant radio networks possible.
It can also extend the territorial coverage of a station.
Thanks to IP Site Connect, physical obstacles, manual roaming, limited coverage or loss of functionality are no longer a problem.
It is not necessary to pay a weekly:
fee or an access charge: you just need an IP connection.
  • It enables voice and data communication between geographically distant radio stations
  • It overcomes physical barriers, like buildings and mountains
  • It allows to share Voice and Data applications 
  • It increases radio coverage 
  • It allows network administrators to monitor and control the performance of each repeater  
  • It activates all radios on a wide-area channel 
  • It allows a constant inter-site roaming.