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DMR Motorola MOTOTRBO System

Sinora is certified by Motorola solutions for the design and installation of DMR radio systems. DMR technology has gradually replaced the conventional one, integrating and re-evaluating the importance of emergency radio technologies and developing new functions. Assessing the importance of a DMR network rather than TETRA or a free frequency radio means putting a value on 4 main elements: Mobility, Privacy, Territorial coverage, Data and voice traffic used.
On DMR networks we can offer you the following systems:
  • IP Site Connect is a system that exploits the Internet to extend the coverage area, providing the ability to easily communicate geographically different areas or overcome physical barriers in the same gaze without the additional support of network devices as controllers.
  • Capacity Plus Single Site is the scalable solution, digital trunking (multi-access), single site. It expands the capabilities of a MOTOTRBO system. Traffic disposal capacity 5 times higher than a conventional analog system and 3 times higher than an analog trunking;
  • Capacity Plus Multi Site (ex Linked Capacity Plus) is used to overcome the need to communicate with a very large workforce, located on an equally wide area, with a scalable and easy-to-use system. Based on advanced software within the repeater, it is available in both single site configuration and "vast area";
  • Capacity Max is a system for scalable and highly secure trunking supporting up to 15 sites with more than 3000 users per site. The architecture is optimized for high performances, high efficiency and simple scalability according to the ETSI DMR TIer III standard.
  • Connect Plus is a multi-site digital trunking system used to solve the need for a radio system with a high volume of users and a wide area of ​​service. Whether you need to cover a single site or that of multiple sites. Users can talk to each other or with the control panel and use data applications based on text messages, GPS location, and dispatch functions.