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TRBOnet - Operations Centre

TRBOnet.Enterprise is a PC based client-server dispatcher software application for the MOTOTRBO™ Professional Digital Two-Way Radio System, TRBOnet was built from the ground up specifically for the radio system, TRBOnet offers Features no one else does and is leading the edge of MOTOTRBO™ based applications.

TRBOnet will enable you to monitor audio, data, and the locations of your assets, provide record management and ability to review events that have taken place.

Unit Safety, Seamless system integration,  Unit monitoring, Instant NotificationIntegration with existing  systems,  Asset tracking, Mixed channels (digital/analog) supporting.

With these features you can track what’s important to you on a live map, send and receive private text messages to employees in the field. Remote dispatchers allows multiple dispatchers which can be located anywhere as long as they have internet access. Detailed reports give you exact information on items that matter such as audio recordings, texts sent, radio status (on/off) and much more.

Frequency BandUHF, VHF
Technology - ConnectivityAnalogue, DMR - Digital Mobile Radio, TETRA - TErrestrial Trunked RAdio
Type ApplicationClient, Mobile Client, Server
Perfect Product for...Civil Protection, Logistics and Distribution, Military organizations, Police, Telecommunications, Vigilantes, Volunteers