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Indoor localization and Man Down

In-door localization and detection systems man down
Personal safety in hazardous environments today has a very present evidence media and legislation. Newspapers and news are often subject to accidents caused by distraction or negligence rather than unfortunate accidental cases.
  Many methods of prevention are available to manage or anticipate possible accidents. Sinora, sensitive issue, has always proposed detection systems man on the ground or man, integrating technologies and designing appropriate solutions for every company, tailoring the project to the needs of the customer. In this way the technology becomes the means for the solution of the problem.
Access doors, personal devices, wireless technology rather than GSM tools are integrated application software capable of identifying a map geophysical rather than register, the position dell'addetto that is in danger.
The devices included attendant can also work in areas AT.EX. or in areas at risk of explosion, mines, refineries, storage facilities.
Frequency BandUHF, VHF
GPSIndoor localization, Yes
Technology - ConnectivityAnalogue, Bluetooth, DMR - Digital Mobile Radio, TETRA - TErrestrial Trunked RAdio
Perfect Product for...Civil Protection, Heavy Industry, Military organizations, Stores, Volunteers