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TRBOnet Indoor

RBOnet.Indoor is a TRBOnet.Enterprise plug-in that allows the location of radio terminals inside buildings.

It is developed with a software and hardware upgrade, inserting an OptionBoard into the Motorola DPseries radio terminal that identifies the Beacon planted in the building to be monitored. The Option Board and the Beacon will interact with each other exchanging the ID information of both. After the identification of the Beacon ID, the Option Board transmits the position in the Operations Center through the Motorola Radio.

The floor plan of the building is represented in 2D or 3D on the TRBOnet maps and will identify the radios intercepted by the closest to the radio beacon
Frequency Banddependent on the radio connected
GPSIndoor localization, Yes
Technology - Connectivity3G Technology, Analogue, DMR - Digital Mobile Radio, IP - Internet Protocol, TETRA - TErrestrial Trunked RAdio, WiFi - Wireless Fidelity
Type ApplicationClient, Server
Perfect Product for...Bodyguard & Security, Heavy Industry, Logistics and Distribution, Refineries and Mining, Stores, Vigilantes