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Cambium Networks ePMP solutions

The fast-paced global economy today requires continuous access to the web and affidabilie by all
The primary needs of a modern network that delivers broadband esiggenze reflect the high quality and reliability, while also allowing an extension of the same scalable and users served by it. 
The platform and PMP Cambbium Networks addresses these needs with an innovative solution to cutting edge technology
Synchronization via GPS, scalability, constant, high-performance bandwidth and number of users, the ePMP is the heir of experience Canopy prestazionei to ensure optimal in the long run.
Perfect Product for...Stores, Telecommunications, Vigilantes, WISP

The fast-paced global economy today requires reliable connectivity to anyone, anywhere. There is a strong need for broadband solutions of high quality, scalable and reliable for both businesses and consumers.
The platform ePMP from Cambium Networks is a new technology solution with an innovative system of GPS synchronization, offering scalability, performance, high quality and reliable access to users. Designed on a wealth of technological experience, heir to the Canopy, the ePMP is a revolutionary system that ensures optimum performance in the long term.
With ePMP, Cambium Networks leverages its expertise in global wireless broadband products, to establish a new standard for connectivity solutions cheaper and more efficient.