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WAVE PTX Solution - Push to Talk over Cellular


WAVE PTX  transforms a personal computer, smartphone, or tablet into a push-to-talk device and allows instant, secure, and cheap communication with other users or groups of a private radio system. Using a 4G / LTE network, WAVE PTX Mobile app is an application that can be used on every personal computer, smartphone or tablet.
WAVE PTX allows you to extend communications outside your wireless network, without territorial limits, through access to a data network and a 4G / LTE device.
Systems that allow the PTT extension out of the radio network are:
  • WAVE TLK100, suitable for DMR, TETRA or ASTRO;
  • An App for Mobile Devices;
  • An App for Personal Computer.
In this manner, the radio fleet can communicate with WAVE PTX users and the other. PTT voice calls, Messages and GPS position.
Security FeaturesAuthentication Network Access
Technology - Connectivity4G/LTE, DMR - Digital Mobile Radio, TETRA - TErrestrial Trunked RAdio, WiFi - Wireless Fidelity
Type ApplicationClient, Mobile Client, Server
Perfect Product for...Event, Hospitality, Military organizations, Retail, Services, Stores