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LXN 500 LTE, base station ultra portable.

Professional activities increasingly combine their operational needs with those of consumers. In fact, the exchange of photos, videos, chats, audio and telemetry are not only a social state, but they are the new and modern IT needs which push for a mobile first economic dynamic.

All of this requires a continue and ubiquitous coverage that traditional and "public" LTE infrastructures can't reach due to inadequate capacity to cover or manage priorities related to the safety of mission critical activities.
  LXN 500 LTE is a LTE base station ultra portable. It's made by Motorola Solutions, easy to carry in a briefcase, a miniaturized LTE site designed for "expand" or "create" a broadband network in every context.

LXN 500 is small, light with excellent work performance, a base station, voice and datas, LTE able to connect up to 100 users. Base Station was designed with an all-in-one infrastructure, developed on an integrated technology (BS, PW, Nodo, EPC) which allows to implement and manage a 2G, 3G, WLAN, WiMAX,LTE networkin and the Enthernet, DSL' access (both cable and fiber). 

  • Light and small for an easy transport
  • All-In-One applications, EPC, LTE Network and eNodeB;
  • Extended range and performance in configuration with Multiple-In/Multiple-Out (MIMO);
  • Integrated GPS which improves the security and optimizes performances
  • Design resistant to heat, cold, rain, humidity, dust and vibrations.
  • LTE station All-In-One, alimentation, base station and optional accessories
  • Stand-alone operation,  if backhaul can't be stabilized with existing networking
  • It's able to create a LTE bubble up to 2 km per 100 users
  • It create in 5 minutes a private LTE network
TypeFixed, Mobile
LXN 500 LTE Ultra Portable Infrastructure is the smartest. smallest an fully functional LTE Network di Motorola Solutions; easy-to-carry, miniaturized and with good work performances, ensure instantly LTE coverage and capacity you need, anywhere and at anytime.

Its Key benefits are:
• All in one LTE network with eNB, EPC and applications
• Lightweight for easy portability
• Extend range and performance with roofmounted external antennas with Multiple-In-
Multiple-Out (MIMO) configuration
• Built-in GPS enhances personnel safety and route optimization
• Solid-state, ruggedized design withstands heat, cold, rain, humidity, dust and vibration