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iPasolink VR

The iPasolink VR family is the Split Mount solution, consisting of:
  • indoor baseband terminal (Indoor Unit - IDU), power supply, controller, modem and connection of electrical and/or optical flows,
  • the outdoor part (Outdoor Unit - ODU) includes the radio-frequency section which is connected to the satellite dish directly or by means of a waveguide.
3 different versions of the iPasolink VR line are available with common ODUs in 6L – 42 GHz frequency ranges:
  • IDU - VR2, manages up to two modems or radio directions
  • IDU - VR4, manages up to 5 modems or radio directions
  • IDU - VR10, manages up to 12 modems

All modems can operate with Modulations from QPSK to 2048QAM or 4096QAM and transmission capacity which, depending on bandwidths and connection configurations, can reach 1.2Gb/s per ODU (or 2.4Gb/s in 2+0 with frequency reuse).

Typical applications: Mobile Operators and WISP; Public Administrations (regional/provincial networks); Public Utilities; Industry and Oil & Gas; Transport Agencies; Military Administrations.

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