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iPasolink iX Advanced

The iPasolink iX Advanced product family is the full outdoor solution consisting of two outdoor function blocks, MDU with PoE or separate 48VDC power supply, controller, connectors for electrical and/or optical flows, Modems and the RF part made up of the Outdoor Unit (ODU), the same as in the Split Mount version (iPasolink VR), which is connected directly to the satellite dish. ODUs are available in 6L - 42 GHz frequency ranges.

All modems can operate with Modulations from QPSK to 2048QAM and transmission capacity which, depending on bandwidths and connection configurations, can reach 0.6Gb/s per ODU (or 1.2Gb/s in 2+0 with frequency reuse).

Typical applications: Mobile Operators and WISP; Public Administrations (regional/provincial networks); Industry.
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