Technology And Interoperability For Emergency Management

Technology And Interoperability For Emergency Management

Sinora Srl takes the field at the 2023 edition of REAS with the latest mission- and business-critical technology at the service of industry operators

The 22nd International Emergency Exhibition is just around the corner. A regular appointment for Sinora Srl at the Montichiari Exhibition Centre in the province of Brescia, to show organisations, voluntary associations, professionals and the various bodies involved in emergency and first aid, all the technological innovations that can be implemented and used in critical situations but also during ordinary operations.

The management of emergencies has always been one of the priorities of Sinora Srl, a qualified system integrator and Platinum Partner of Motorola Solutions in the field of professional telecommunications, video surveillance, video analysis and security, where it becomes essential to respond quickly and with the appropriate technological instrumentation to offer the community the best possible support. The first step: communicating with colleagues and coordinating interventions in all possible risk scenarios, especially unpredictable ones such as natural disasters, which are becoming more and more prevalent today.

Integration and interoperability take on a particularly effective connotation in this context, guaranteeing the maximum operational efficiency of the resources in the field. Think, for example, of the interfacing between two-way radios and the Operations Centre with technologies used by the Customer, such as body cams or context cameras, rather than the management of alerts coming from different devices and the mass alerting of the population through the use of professional platforms capable of interacting directly with the inhabitants of the place subject to the alert or notification.

At the Sinora Srl stand you will find Motorola Solutions' professional radios in DMR, TETRA and LTE technology, the ideal solution in all ordinary and complex executive circumstances, Avigilon cameras (a Motorola Solutions Company) and body cams useful for guaranteeing the safety of employees, places and people.

But that's not all, Sinora Srl brings with it 40 years of technological expertise encapsulated in the SNR® branded transportable and field line. The solutions have been conceived and designed to respond to the needs of operators who intervene in emergency circumstances and who therefore need to activate radio communications in inaccessible places without infrastructures quickly and safely; such as UHF/VHF repeaters, field Operations Centres, cases for transporting two-way radios that are always ready for use and integrated with battery chargers, but also software applications such as the UniqueSWAP Operations Centre for control rooms.

Sinora Srl awaits you in Hall 5 Stand C36-D35.