A practical example... emergency camp equipment
Italian Civil Protection requires an own private radio network in order to manage communications during everyday activities and particularly during emergency events.
The Civil Protection’s need concerns not only with a fixed Operative Center, but they also demand for an entire radio network, that can be activated even when nomadic setup is needed during emergencies over the Italian territory. For this reason, Civil Protection Groups demand for radio devices that can be easily carried or installed on base camp or remote areas.
The solution proposed by Sinora is based on Motorola DMR radio technology specifically configured and intended to be carried and installed in every place. The ready-to-use radio network provided by Sinora includes:
  • a transportable Motorola DR3000 repeater, which is contained within a shock-proof case with an antenna system mounted on a telescopic column with an air powered lift mechanism;
  • an operation center that can be carried within a shock-proof  trolley-type case, containing all the necessary to be a stand alone unit including two Motorola DM4600 base radio and a PC with radio management and mapping software installed;
  • two DM4600 transportable base stations, contained within a shock-proof case with an antenna system;
  • a tactic trolley-type suitcase containing battery rechargers to support up to 12 Motorola DP4000 series portable radios.
The solution proposed by Sinora shows, beyond all the advantages of DMR technology, a high degree of robustness and a superior sound quality, which are peculiar of Motorola professional products.
Each radio devices supplied can be easily carried and immediately activated in every location. Indeed, these devices, in addition to be contained in proper shock-proof, anti-dust and waterproof cases, can also be supplied using integrated or external batteries, as well as the vehicle's “lighter socket”.
The provided DMR transportable system is conceived as fully mobile and independent and it's able to provide a radio coverage under every emergency condition and in every geographical area.
For this solution we used...