A practical example... Urban residential complex between buildings and natural parks
Hines, an internationally renowned real estate company, is the licensee of the largest construction site in Milan. The building surface extends for over 300,000 square meters and is located in an area that is without a telephone signal.
The communication requirements of a correct and safe performance of the work include a system that allows operators to coordinate work and effectively and immediately guarantee the safety of the area.
There are mainly three obstacles that Hines must face to carry out the construction project at Porta Nuova, Milan, the largest European residential center by size:
  • The nature of the place and the strong inequality in the construction project; a mixture of residential, commercial and recreational buildings;
  • The need to guarantee communications to the work team both outdoors, indoors and underground;
  • The use of an easy-to-install communication system, to be activated, and potentially scalable for future expansions.

In order to meet communication and security needs, a MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus Multi Site network with six interconnected Motorola Solutions repeaters was installed.
The coverage of the entire site was guaranteed thanks to 6 repeaters, 4 of which connected via LAN networks and 2 interconnected with omnidirectional microwave antennas.
This solution allows operators to communicate and coordinate work in a reliable way, which is made possible by the radio coverage and the superior audio quality of the devices supplied. From any position on the construction site, every operator is sure to receive the right instructions and make emergency requests, thanks to the Motorola Solutions DP3600 and DP3400 radios.
The management of the radio fleet was defined in the post-processing phase by programming each individual radio individually on the basis of the role held in the staff.
The solution provided allowed operators to work safely, managing criticalities both outdoors and indoors.
On the site, which reached an extension of 340,000 square meters in the final part of the process, the installed MOTOTRBO system grew hand in hand with the evolution of the construction site and made it possible to upgrade the network in real time and monitor the needs emerging during the process.
This system guaranteed site productivity, operator safety and clear communication.
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