A practical example... internet service management and distribution
During the 14th FINA World Masters Swimming Championships held in June 2012 in Riccione, the Municipality expressed the need to guarantee to athletes and spectators coming from all over the world a free WiFi internet connection, fast and easy to access from every place of the event.
That wireless access area was just the first of a serie of hotspot areas that the Municipality of Riccione wanted to install, in order to ensure free internet access to citizens and tourists through WiFi Access Points (AP), connected to the optical network owned by the Municipality.

The problem related to this application was to manage a huge number of network accesses within a well defined area like the swimming stadium, where there was the need to provide connectivity to thousands of PCs, smartphones and tablets used by athletes and spectators during the event.
A wide bandwidth service was required, in order to enable users to enjoy a high quality service. Moreover, each single user needed to be uniquely connected to this service to relieve the organization of its civil and penal responsibility relating to the displayed contents.
Meanwhile, users needed to be easily and quickly identified as for indirect identity association via SIM/USIM card.

The indoor WiFi coverage of the swimming stadium was ensured with Access Points Motorola AP6521, while the outdoor coverage with AP7161.
AP6521 is a multi-purpose access point designed to reduce installation and management costs a to garantee a reliable and safe wireless LAN network (WLAN) 802.11n. This AP is equipped with a MIMO radio, with an excellent receiving sensitivity, and an uplink port WAN GigE.
AP7161 is designed to operate outdoor under difficult environmental conditions with protection class IP66. A 300 Mbs throughput is guaranteed for each sector.
The WiNG 5 integrated intelligence ensures that traffic is being sent locally in the most efficient way, without compromising the quality of the service and the security implemented in the AP.

The AP is designed to optimize network availability thanks to its central intelligence and preventive protection system, which is the ability to dynamically detect weak signals and transfer mobile users safely to alternate APs, as well as to automatically increase signal power to fill the radio coverage gaps and ensure uninterrupted access to the network to mobile users.
APs require no configuration or manual handling of the firmware, beause they are managed autonomatically by the device, making installation easier and minimizing the total cost also thanks to PoE standard (Power over Ehernet) ports.
The choice of such high-performing APs enables us to cover the above-mentioned area ensuring a full connectivity to the network and fulfilling the plaesure of athletes and spectators, which were able to surf on internet safely and without limits thanks to the WiFi network designed by Sinora and made available for free by the Municipality of Riccione.
A further benefit provided by the system concerns the ease of network's authentication process. Indeed, the network access requests just user's telephone number, which will be checked through ID Caller, and all the traffic generated by the device will be associated to this telephone number.
The authentication method is very simple: an Italian mobile phone number is necessary to login, otherwise a valid credit card is needed if you are a foreigner. The registration is free and will be completed by introducing user's personal details within a captive portal to confirm the phone number previously entered.
Once user accomplished this step, he will gain the right to access to web and e-mail services.
All data entered by users within the captive portal can be anonymously used by the organization for statistical purposes, market analyses and advertising.