A practical example... TETRA System
One of the major airport in Italy per number of international destinations served, able to handle more than 10 million people in the catchment area, a runway with up to 5000 nautical miles range suitable for flights and a high level technological systems to support security and environmental protection. The Airport intends to provide an indoor and outdoor private mobile network coverage, useful for management, security and monitoring of the airport area using portable, vehicular and fixed terminals able to transmit voice and data.
Currently, the Airport staff is equipped with a multi-platform access analog system used for both voice and messaging. The new TETRA system shall integrate with the previous one maintaining all its functions as well as adding new ones, related to evolved digital technology.
DIMETRA is the Motorola technology suitable for TETRA radio multi-access network infrastructures for “mission-critical tasks”. Sinora has proposed the radio technology Motorola DIMETRA IP MICRO combined with a MTS4 radio base station, two radio carriers and triple-polarized antenna system. This system has been totally integrated with the previous conventional radio analog system by supplying and configuring 4 analog/digital gateways.
Moreover, the network includes 5 MTM800E base stations useful to manage communications from a fixed location and it has been interfaced with the airport's telephone system too. 35 portable radio devices of the latest generation serie Motorola MTP6450 and 5 vehicle devices MTM800E, all equipped with GPS and encrypted communication, have been provided in order to enable operators on field to communicate in total security through the installed TETRA network.
Sinora has supported the customer during the whole project management process, dealing with the design of the system, the integration with the existing systems, installation, commissioning and testing.
The system has fulfilled goals relating to effectiveness, integration and security requested by the customer. In addition, thanks to the integrated Network Management System, operators can monitor the network’s status and its related alarms in real-time.
The realized system proved to be efficient and easy to use by operators, which particularly appreciated the excellent audio performance of devices.
For this solution we used...