A practical example... federated operations center and videosurveillance
The Municipal Police Force of the Ligurian Union of Municipalities expressed the need for a unique radio network to communicate with the resources deployed on the territory of three different municipalities. Each individual Municipal Police Force has its own Operation Center and they need to manage radio communications and interventions related to their municipality; moreover they want to be able to communicate with other Operation Centers and manage radio resources provided by all three municipalities.
This necessity represents a problem of interconnection of three different Operation Centers and related radio repeaters. The Leader Municipal Police already has a single-site DMR Motorola system with DR3000 repeater.
The solution designed and installed by Sinora is based on digital technology DMR Motorola IP Site Connect. The two provided Motorola DR3000 repeaters, were connected to each other and with the three Operation Centers via IP network, through a ridge radio Hyperlan technology formed by six pairs of professional and highly reliable devices type Cambium Networks PTP250.
In the Operation Centers, the TRBOnet Enterprise radio software has been installed, integrated with the software that manages operations, shifts, road accidents and electronic day-book draft developed by Verbatel. The software TRBOnet, thanks to the federation of servers, enables a unified management of radio communications related to the three municipalities. To complete the system, a total of 40 DMR latest generation Motorola DP4801 portable devices and 4 Motorola DM4601 vehicle devices have been supplied and configured. 
The interconnection LAN - IP Site Connect between repeaters and Operation Centers allows to configure repeaters and to monitor their status by remote; in addition, the network IP Site Connect enables flexible management of DMR channels. In particular, each Municipal Operation Center can manage local communications on one timeslot of the DMR channel, while on the other it can manage unified communications with other municipalities. This configuration is strategic in the case of inter-municipalities scale interventions that require the coordination of all available resources of the three municipalities from a single Operation Center. In fact, the management software radio TRBOnet allows integration between resources and databases of the various Operation Centers.
For this solution we used...