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VT50 - VT100 - VB400 Bodycams

Motorola Solutions Bodycams are light and plain wearable cameras that can be configured for live streaming. The user-friendly VideoTag and VideoBadge cameras allow acquiring audio and video in a practical and easy way.

Motorola Solutions wearable cameras have been designed for both staff and customer protection. They discourage customers’ nervous or animated attitudes and guarantee operators’ proper behavior.

They can be perfectly integrated with the VideoManager software programs of the main management systems, because they use a standard protocol of the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF), an organization established with the aim of standardizing compatibility between producers and systems.

The bodycams are equipped with RFID reader, which allows staff to easily and quickly program the user’s identity by simply pointing it onto the identification badge.

Compliance with the rules of the privacy guarantor is guaranteed by the encrypted recording, which cannot be edited, thus providing valuable evidence in case the acquired files are contested.
  • VideoBadge VB-400
    Robust, yet elegant, it offers all the functions required to be in control in any situation. The main features include wide angle, full HD recording for sharp and detailed images, battery life of up to 12 hours, peer assistant recording for capturing all scene details.
  • VideoTag VT-100
    Particularly suitable for retail, surveillance, airports and hospitality, thanks to its moderate, yet elegant size. Connectable with the existing video surveillance systems and streams video directly via Wi-Fi, with high audio quality and HD resolution.
  • VideoTag VT-50
    Designed to meet the needs of those who are in contact with the public. The six-month battery life allows minimally invasive management by users, who do not have to worry about frequently charging the device.
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Perfect Product for...Bus line, Civil Protection, Hospitality, Police, Retail, Services, Stores, Vigilantes
Motorola Solutions VideoTag VT-50 - VT-100 and VideoBadge VB-400 bodycams are excellent solutions in the field of wearable video surveillance devices. Designed to be integrated with a concept of global staff safety, the bodycams are user-friendly. Thanks to their size, they can be worn as part of the uniform, ready for recording in just a few seconds.
The VT-50 model is ideal for retail, hospitality and airline staff.
The VB-400 and VT-100 models are the latest developments. VB-400 features battery life of up to 12 hours, wide angle and full HD recording, while VT-100 is perfect for the retail and hospitality sectors.