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HD PRO 61 MP Camera

Avigilon revolutionary technology is combined with self-learning to generate a line of cameras with high quality standards. The new HD family covers very large areas and provides clear and detailed images.

HD PRO cameras are Avigilon’s most powerful and innovative series. Available in 4K (8 MP) to 7K resolution with 30 MP single sensor, they release clear and detailed images. The high number of megapixels and the zoom capability give the camera high sharpness up to 56 meters.

The H4 PRO series is made up of cameras capable of capturing detailed images in exceptionally large areas.

The HD PRO family of cameras is the ideal solution for stadiums, ports and various other infrastructures.
The HD line is Avigilon’s most powerful and innovative series. With a resolution of up to 30 MP, it can cover large areas while maintaining high sharpness.