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SWAP control room - dispatcher radio TETRA DMR LTE

Sinora improves its application dedicated to control rooms with a new instrument developed for current technological and operative needs.
"multi-brand compliance" Motorola Solutions, Radio Activity, Selex, Hytera ...
"multi-system protocol" simulcast, multicast, TIER II e TIER III, FFSK, 5toni, CRI, VVF ...
"multi-tasking technology" LTE, TETRA, DMR, Analogic ...

Swap in the new Sinora applications' suite, dedicated to control rooms. It's a new instrument developed and integrated with operators, able to speed up and satisfy technological and organizative's needs.
Swap is designed for support indistinctly digital and analogical channels and to help the migration process between  technologies rather than interconnect them with each other.
Frequency Banddependent on the radio connected
GPSIndoor localization, Mapping Software, Yes
Supported System TypesAnalog Conventional, Digital Conventional, IP Site Connect
Technology - Connectivity3G Technology, 4G/LTE, Analogue, Bluetooth, DMR - Digital Mobile Radio, GSM - Global System for Mobile, IP - Internet Protocol, TETRA - TErrestrial Trunked RAdio, WiFi - Wireless Fidelity
Type ApplicationClient, Cloud, Mobile Client, Server
Perfect Product for...Bodyguard & Security, CRI, Firefighters, Heavy Industry, Hospitality, Military organizations, Police, Ports and Airports, Recycle, Refineries and Mining, Sea Rrescue, Services, Telecommunications, Vigilantes, Volunteers