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In a restaurant, during an event or at your own accommodation facility, the Motorola Solutions Business Radios range provides an excellent solution for the communication needs of the team.
Motorola Solutions Unlicensed Business Two-Way Radios are specifically designed for sectors related to commerce, hospitality and catering.
Robust and light two-way radios with a dedicated PTT (Push-To-Talk) button, for clear and immediate communications isolating background noise for quality audio.
These free-frequency devices do not require any ministerial license and come with lots of accessories for greater ease of use, such as earphones, batteries, chargers and cases for easy wearability.

Check out the terminals:
  • CLK446
    Elegant, light and easy to wear device, functional for communications inside a store or a hotel. Essential style combined with military standards, resistant to thermal shocks, vibrations, high and low temperatures, humidity.
  • CLP446
    Designed for retail and hospitality markets, the CLP portable radio combines comfort and design in a single experience. The CLP446 radio has an elegant shape thanks to the built-in antenna and the central, easy-to-use PTT button.
  • XT400
    The XT400 portable radios can also be used in noisy environments and under harsh conditions. The series includes XT420 and XT460 radios, with higher audio quality and robust design, which are the perfect choice for companies.
  • XT600d
    The XT600d device is used for individual or group communications with optional recording and reproduction of conversations. Equipped with remote control function, it can be disabled if lost. It has LCD display and keyboard and allows sending audio and text files. The series includes XT660t and XT665t plus LPD433.

To check out the radio specifically designed for your activity, add the product to the cart and ask for more information. Alternatively, write to marketing@sinora.it. Our staff will give you the answers you are looking for.

CertificatesMIL STD 810 C, D, E, F, G
DisplayMonochrome Display
Supported System TypesAnalog Conventional, Digital Conventional
Technology - ConnectivityPMR 446
Perfect Product for...Hospitality, Retail, Services, Stores
Motorola Solutions Unlicensed Two-Way Radios are ideal for targeted and fast communications with colleagues. They are specifically designed for commerce and business, from small stores to hotels, and come in several models, including plain and complete ones. The CLK446, CLP446, XT400, XT600d devices are all equipped with the PTT (Push-To-Talk) button, for ease of use and communication effectiveness.
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