A practical example... born in 1974 and the first in Romagna
The first Romagna surveillance institution, established in 1974.  The company has highly specialized expertise and a large number of vehicles throughout the area.

Processing data and coordinating actions in a short time has a fundamental importance for a surveillance structure; that's for the purpose of efficient prompt intervention over a territory so vast and complex as Romagna Region. For this reason, the customer has used the expertise of Sinora for the design and the installation of two operative centers located in Cesena and Rimini and a radio communication system, that would allow to a quick management and precise control of vehicles and personnel operating on the territory of Romagna.

A VoIP technology system integrated to the radio network allows to implement all the necessary functionality for a cutting-edge surveillance network and an efficient real-time monitoring of the entire territory. The adopted system allows in particular to fully comply with the increasingly stringent technological and structural requirements that the law imposes, through Decree 269/2010, to the surveillance institution's operative centers, also with regard to the secure storaging of recorded conversations.
The proposed system, operating in VoIP technology, handles the communication and the signalling between the vehicle radios and the switchboard operator stations. Through the operator station you can communicate to any radio network (analog or digital) linked to the IP network through the i-Radio Gateway, a radio device that manages voice communications. The operator can carry out simultaneously multiple connections to different wireless networks and he can use these connections in order to listen to radio communications and to coordinate teams operationg on field directly from his PC station.

i-VTA is the key element of this architecture that can record all radio and telephone calls. The INTEROX Voice Track Archive is the solution designed to allow to a reliable storaging and a rapid and controlled access to the recorded radio and telephone communications. It offers a modular and secure storage capacity, flexible to the most varied requirements, as well as a management tool that allows to access, search and organize audio tracks in a simple and controlled manner. Sinora has designed and configured the entire radio system and the operations center in such a way that it is compliant with the Decree 269/2010.

To ensure system reliability, every single hardware and software of the operative center was redundant.
With the new operating center, the customer has succeeded to increase the effectiveness of the territory surveillance service. Currently, through GPS, Internet, mobile phones and radio, the institution has a surveillance network that is updated in real time, allowing efficient and reliable monitoring of the extended territory of Romagna Region. The use of a single storage device of NAS type with RAID 5 technology has enabled the institution to manage smoothly and orderly the storaging of all communications; it has also took advantage from this solution in terms of great storage capacity and reliability, user profiles differentiation, user activity tracking, automatic archiving and authenticity of stored data.

To ensure service continuity in case of failure and to satisfy the legal requirements of the so-called Decreto Maroni, all hardware and software of the Operations Center, and in particular the radio operator stations, radio management software, telephone switchboard and operator telephone station, were redundant.

The operators have been particularly pleased with the simple and intuitive usability of the graphical interface of the operating unit, composed of panels highlighting controls and indicators that are essential for communication, such as IP link status, transmission key, squelch indicator and transmission grant.
For this solution we used...