A practical example... federated operations center and video surveillance system in the Union
The territory of the union was formerly controlled by a video surveillance system which has not had a homogeneous development over the years and has not always succeeded in meeting the need of safeguarding urban security and decorum in an effective way.
This system consisted of several image shooting and storing devices, inadequate signal transport networks and monitored aids not connected to the network. This set of technologies and equipment did not provide adequate performance for new needs such as the recognition of images and license plates, for the search in the log file and for the storage of recorded data in compliance with the privacy law.
The solution designed and offered by Sinora Srl provides for the supply and installation of an adequate data transmission and storage system through Wired, Wireless Motorola/Cambium systems and fiber optic backbones. The basic technologies of the Canopy system, based on the exclusive Cambium design and on Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM), make for such flexibility as needed to provide customized solution in a wide range of markets and professional applications. As for shooting, Sinora Srl has proposed AXIS cameras. Axis Communications is a world leading IT company that offers professional network video solutions. It promotes the transition from analog video surveillance systems to digital ones. Axis products and solutions mainly fall within the field of security surveillance and remote monitoring and are based on innovative open-technology platforms. On the other hand, as regards the image management software, our option has confirmed the best operational result in terms of both continuity with the previous system and product quality. Milestone Xprotect Professional is the image storage and management software installed on site.
The system proposed guarantees homogeneous products and fully integrated subsystems. The open standard software can be integrated with third-party components. The technology installed is future-proof. The high reliability of the various components allows for potential and unlimited scalability.
For this solution we used...